Saturday, 06 June 2020
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Core Values

At OpenTekware, each project is unique because each client is unique. We work closely with our clients as a team to find their own unique solutions. We believe in continuous improvement; therefore, we design solutions for long-term investment value. We also believe in professionalism.

At Opentekware, committed, responsible, and accountable experts are working on your behalf.


Innovation is a cornerstone of our success. We closely align our technical activities with business strategy. Our goal is to be number one in all of our businesses. We unlock the energy and creativity of our employees, embracing the new and different. We are also we embrace this quality in all its varied meanings – original, inventive and resourceful. We measure the success of our innovations by our customer’s success.


We are determined to meet – and wherever possible, exceed – all customer requirements. Our responsibility is to conduct all business according to the highest professional and ethical standards and practices: there must be no tolerance for non-compliant behavior. The principles related to "Responsible" serve as a compass by which we navigate our way through our business decisions.


We set ourselves ambitious targets – derived from our vision. We stand beside our customers in the search for perfect quality, coming up with solutions that exceed expectations. Excellence demands we define a path of continuous improvement, constantly challenging existing processes. It also requires us to embrace change so we are in the right place when new opportunities open up. Excellence also means attracting the best talent in the marketplace and giving them the skills and opportunities they need to become high-achievers.