Consulting Services

In this difficult economic period with slow recovery, it is vital that companies get the best all round value for money. At Opentekware our aim is to deliver a high quality consulting service while avoiding the high price tag.

We work with a large number of highly rated experts throughout numerous industries and sectors. We work in partnership with selected experts who bring up-to-date skills, knowledge and in field experience to you for specific pieces of work / projects. Our consultants gather information about the current situation, requirements, goals, strategies, analyze them and advise you in order to help you make the best possible choices.


What We Cover


Opentekware consultancy services cover the following:

Although the consulting process differ depending on the type of project it is, but in general, Opentekware adopts professional methodologies to ensure that your project is kept on schedule and on budget.


Successful Project Ingredients 


The key ingredient of our success formula includes:



Cyber Security Consulting 


Organizations struggle to ensure that appropriate security controls are consistently applied to protect their valuable information. Inconsistencies in security measures are often attributable to variations in available security products, support tools, administration techniques and delivery mechanisms.

Opentekware will review your organization’s security infrastructure against the following three principles to understand the existing information technology control framework; identifying where you are most vulnerable to cyber threats and attacks:


We Offer the following Security Consulting services: