Saturday, 06 June 2020
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In Banking Sector increasing flexibility and streamlining operations to become a market leader is not an option, banks must have adaptable IT solutions and systems that create a flexible and agile banking environment. Banks need to start with the alignment of business, operations and technology using a common architecture and infrastructure platform that drives out complexity and cost while increasing flexibility.

Business processes need to be standardized through the introduction of modular business services with the business rules and processes that can be configured quickly. OpenTekware provide services to the banking, capital markets, and insurance industries in IT infrastructure management, Software implementation Services and IT security solutions.


Our Expertise


Customer Relationship Management

CRM solutions for the banking industry integrate existing core banking systems and data to deliver a complete 360° view of customers. Our distinct, purpose-built CRM solutions for retail banking, commercial banking, and wealth management help all bank team members market, sell, and service efficiently and effectively.

To stay connected to the clients, opportunities, and prospects that matter to you the most. We provide options that accommodate your budget, security model, and long-term infrastructure strategy.


Business Intelligence

As banks grow in size and expand geographically, the number of branch network leaps with no bounds. The volume of transactions became quite large and manual operations became time consuming and error prone. For these cases and others, Opentekware helps banks with deploying Business Intelligence tools that are used to generate the required reports and KPIs to perform:

  1. Historical analysis
  2. Performance budgeting
  3. Business performance analytics
  4. Employee performance measurement
  5. Executive dashboards
  6. Marketing and sales automation
  7. New Product innovation
  8. Customer analysis & profitability
  9. Regulatory compliance
  10. Risk management
  11. And more…


Other Solutions

  • Loan Origination
  • Credit Card Management
  • Enterprise Content Management
  • Risk Management and Compliance
  • Customer Complaint Management