Wednesday, 21 March 2018
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Information Security

At Opentekware, we are focused on helping global enterprises and service providers succeed in providing value to their business and customers with the next generation of on premise and cloud-based security management solution (Identification management, certificates, Hardware tokens, etc…) aiming to save businesses high price tags on a yearly basis.


Mobile security

As we see transactions shift to mobile devices, which, according to the latest researches, are expected to exceed the world population, Opentekware, has adopted newly introduced solutions that will empower organizations with the right tools to protect their investments and help them preventing suspicious fraudulent activities.


Identity Management

Organizations around the world face challenges in implementing Identity Management solutions that are open and transparent, security-compliant, integrates with existing solutions across the organization while addressing how it is handling and disclosing personal information. Yet Identity Management is the key enabler to moving high-value services to the web, which will in turn reduce the costs of service delivery. Opentekware offering includes all the needed tools and expertise to employ the latest identity management technology into your organization. Internally, organizations will be able to secure their information through identifying who access it, when, how and from where they do. Externally, organizations will be able to share infomation with their partners, clients, customers with zero risk. This will in turn allow organizations to refocus on availing the right services to customers safely.


Biometric Solutions

As the biometric market landscape evolves, Opentekware has teamed up with the best biometric solution providers that continue to deliver leading on premise and cloud-based biometric identity management solutions and services. These solutions address the needs of companies in the financial services, retail, healthcare and manufacturing sectors.

Our offered biometric platform is designed to provide these industries with a proven approach relative to various modalities such as voice, facial, iris, and fingerprinting applications.

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