Saturday, 06 June 2020
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Information Security

At Opentekware, we are focused on helping global enterprises and service providers succeed in providing value to their business and customers with the next generation of on premise and cloud-based security management solution (Identification management, certificates, Hardware tokens, etc…) aiming to save businesses high price tags on a yearly basis.


Data Classification

The application of security controls to information has a cost of time, people, hardware, software, and ongoing maintenance resources that must be considered. Applying the same level of control to all of the company’s assets wastes resources and money by over-protecting some information and under-protecting other information.

Information Classification increases the CIA (Confidentiality – Integrity – Availability)of information by focusing the security funds of the Bank on the resources requiring the highest level of protection and providing lesser controls for the information with less risk of loss. 


Mobile Security

As we see transactions shift to mobile devices, which, according to the latest researches, are expected to exceed the world population, Opentekware, has adopted newly introduced solutions that will empower organizations with the right tools to protect their investments and help them preventing suspicious fraudulent activities.


PCI DSS Consultation

Assess: Identifying all locations of cardholder data, taking an inventory of your IT assets and business processes for payment card processing and analyzing them for vulnerabilities that could expose cardholder data.

Repair: Fixing identified vulnerabilities, securely removing any unnecessary cardholder data storage, and implementing secure business processes.

Report: Documenting assessment and remediation details, and submitting compliance reports to the Card Center


Identity Management

Organizations around the world face challenges in implementing Identity Management solutions that are open and transparent, security-compliant, integrates with existing solutions across the organization while addressing how it is handling and disclosing personal information. Yet Identity Management is the key enabler to moving high-value services to the web, which will in turn reduce the costs of service delivery. Opentekware offering includes all the needed tools and expertise to employ the latest identity management technology into your organization. Internally, organizations will be able to secure their information through identifying who access it, when, how and from where they do. Externally, organizations will be able to share information with their partners, clients, customers with zero risk. This will in turn allow organizations to refocus on availing the right services to customers safely.


Penetration Testing

Our Security testing Methodology can be summarized into four steps:


We work with customers to clearly define and document assessment objectives, scope and rules of engagement.

Gathering Information

We collect and examine key information about targeted applications and infrastructure

Discovering Vulnerabilities

We utilized the latest technology to find the vulnerabilities using both manual and automated tools. When needed, we exploit selected vulnerabilities for the purpose of find the counter measures needed to eliminate any threats


We provide a comprehensive report with deep analysis and recommendations on how to mitigate the discovered vulnerabilities